Wellness Activities

Whether it is anxiety or stress to part of your ongoing spiritual journey I'd be happy to talk to you to discuss how I can help you on your journey of well-being. Get in touch 

UnLeish The Dance

Estatic Dance

Imagine a dance floor where your soul takes the lead! Ecstatic dance isn't about following steps, but moving as the music moves you. It's a journey of self-discovery through uninhibited movement, where you can laugh, cry, shout, or simply be. The pulse of the music becomes your guide, inviting you to explore your emotions, connect with your body, and let go of judgment. Forget about looking graceful or perfect - just move authentically, and you'll find yourself in a community of joyful abandonment, sharing energy and creating a beautiful, free-flowing dance symphony. So, if you're ready to move beyond the ordinary and UnLeish the dancer within, come experience the exhilarating and transformative world of ecstatic dance.

Contact me to learn about how we can help each other, whether you are based in Lanarkshire, across Scotland or in the UK, I would like to hear from you. 

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Sound Baths

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a meditative experience designed to promote relaxation and well-being through sound waves. Relaxing in a comfortable position while a I enhance the relaxation with singing bowls, gongs & chimes. The focus is to create a wash of sound that envelops the body and mind.


The use of sound for healing and relaxation goes back thousands of years across many cultures. An immersive experience, the sounds and vibrations can induce relaxation, reduce stress and can help with mental clarity.

Who can benefit from a sound bath session?

A sound bath relaxation session can reduce stress and anxiety, aide with sleep and can support pain management.

If you would like to lean more about our Sound Bath sessions and refocus your energy please get in touch

Cacao Ceremonies

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

One of the oldest holistic ceremonies in the world, Cacao helps us connect with our creative expression, rebalance our feelings and heal from loss, pain and stress. There is so much more to it than sitting on a sofa sipping a hot chocolate. 

Why not join us at one of our upcoming retreats or get in touch with me and we can discuss a smaller more intimate group ceremony for those who may be more comfortable in smaller groups.

Why take part?

A cacao ceremony is often compared, very loosely, to a night out with your friends, you connect, you share, you grow and you support each other. The difference is with cacao, you don’t have the hangover the next morning! As the facilitator of the experience we will discuss, share and connect together. You will become inspired by those around you, as well as inspiring others. 

Who can benefit from a Cacao ceremony?

Everyone! Whether you’ve had a traumatic life event or experienced a relationship breakdown and you are searching for support and healing, the cacao ceremony could help. 

What you take away from a cacao ceremony can depend on a huge range of factors and it is a group experience. So, when you are connected with those around you in a safe, trusting environment and experiencing great energy, the spiritual connection, increased self confidence and your determination to achieve is boosted by the euphoria released from the lovingly and delicately prepared Cacao.


What is a guided meditation session?

Meditation is the process of calming and unwinding your mind. A mental reset from the stresses, problems and anxiety we all can experience in our busy lives. Meditation can help overcome negative thoughts and help nurture a positive mind set, helping us to show patience and love to others around us. 

Why take part?

Our guided meditation sessions could help you to achieve mindful serenity and give you the confidence to continue practising mindfulness at home. I will guide you through these sessions to help reduce anxiety, negative thoughts and stress as well help boost your mental clarity and self esteem.

Who can benefit from a guided meditation session?

Our guided meditation sessions are designed to give you an incredible sense of calm and emotional peace,  boosting your emotional well being, helping you relax, as well as helping you to cope with stress.

Fancy taking part in a guided meditation session with me, then check out our events page or send me a message.