Empowerment activities

Whether you are going through tough times or if you've made the decision to focus on yourself and need a well deserved confidence boost, or as a group you're looking to come closer to each other. My empowerment activities could be a spiritually and mentally bonding experience.

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Transformational Life Coaching

What is Transformational Life Coaching

A transformational life coaching session can help you to better understand yourself and who you want to be. I will work with you to help bring forth the aspirations you have and explore the needs and wants you have for yourself. I can help you to address values, beliefs and frame of mind and assist you in making positive changes which could help you feel more confident in who you are and where you are in life.

Why take part

During your transformational life coaching session with me, we will look together at your aspirations and develop specific goals for you, to Unleish your potential.

Who can benefit

We are all on different stages of our journey through life and sometimes this means we may take steps backwards but these sessions will help you acknowledge that this is also ok. I will help you with strategies to help you find the path that is right for you. There are no shortcuts though, and everyone’s journey is different, but if you allow me to assist, you don’t have to make that journey alone.

What to expect

Please get in touch with me and we can discuss what you are going through and how I can help.

A - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Thank you, Fiona. The difference in me in two weeks and two sessions is undescribable, I feel calm and like my strength is back"

Valerie - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I don't know how to express my gratitude for the difference Fiona at UnLeish your mind has made for me. I was like a very tightly wound coil ready to explode my tormented mind. Fiona has enabled me to look forward and see the future positively which I didn't think was possible"

Fire Walking

What is Fire walking?

Fire walking is fundamentally exactly what it says! Walking over hot coals in bare feet. It has long been a rite of passage for many peoples and cultures across the world, throughout history. Fire walking can be a test of strength, courage and connect us with our faith. 

Why take part?

Fire walking can be an incredibly motivating and exhilarating experience, it can help us overcome our fears and help build your confidence. 

Who can benefit from a fire walk?

Anyone can, whether you are looking to build your confidence, bond with others taking part or facing your fears, fire walking can give you the inner strength to face your fears and help you on your path to achieving your goals and taking the step to pursue new ones.

What to expect?

Our fire walking sessions take place in the evenings in intimate group sessions. As we light the logs and set the fire going, join the group and open up your soul while we get cosy under the teepee and prepare for stepping into a new experience. We will even capture the moments for you so you can focus completely on your experience

If you have an incredible night planned and would like an amazing activity to go with it I would love you to join me. Check out my upcoming events or get in touch with me and we can discuss planning a firewalk for you. 

Glass Walking

What is Glass walking

Glass walking is similar to that of fire walking (why not check our fire walking section here), the key difference is that you will be walking over hundreds and thousands of broken glass shards. A test of courage and inner strength, Glass walking can give you the confidence and strength to achieve your goals

Why give Glass walking a try

Glass walking isn’t about showing off to others but it can be about giving you the inner empowerment to conquer your own doubts and keep impostor syndrome under control. 

Who can benefit

Glass walking can give anyone an endorphin release and the energy boost which can build your confidence, whether you are looking for a great team building event or you are joining us at one of our retreats

What to expect

Before you place your bare feet on a six foot walkway of our specially sterilised glass. We will discuss and explain what you can achieve, how you can stay focused and channel your energy into your session to ensure your safety and enjoyment. From the moment you step up, to the moment you step off at the other end I will be there to support you while you reflect on your amazing achievement 

Don't be afraid to shatter expectations, lets have a chat about me attending a session with you.

Arrow Breaking

What is Arrow Breaking?

Arrow breaking is an empowerment exercise which entails placing a wooden arrow between your neck and a solid surface and, using your own inner strength, you can snap the arrow! This is an incredibly powerful exercise where you learn that with the right mindset you can achieve incredible results. 

Why take part?

As part of our group of empowerment activities, the arrow breaking is a motivational exercise we carry out to help you with your self-esteem, low confidence or team building. Why not also frame your arrow to remember your incredible achievement.

Who can benefit..

Like all our empowerment exercises, anyone can gain some benefit from arrow breaking if they commit to it 100% and you believe in yourself. ‘UnLeishing’ your own potential is the key here as we all have the potential to succeed and accomplish anything we set our minds to.

What to expect?

Whether it is part of one of our retreats or a smaller group session, the arrow breaking session will involve a discussion about safety precautions, remember at the end of the day this will be a real arrow! I will discuss with you the mindset you need to enter into before you attempt this and our discussion will focus on and around the goals you want to achieve. From there, you will place the arrowhead against your body and the fletching against a solid surface, focus on your inner power and  you will snap that arrow to take home!

At UnLeish Your Mind we can evolve the Arrow break ceremonies where you will be invited to bind the broken arrow making it a pray stick, which is then planted to join it with the spirit. Interested? Get in touch with me.

Check out my events page, where we'll be running trust falls amongst other activities.

Board Breaking

What is Board Breaking?

As part of our empowerment activities, the board break shows you how with self confidence and a positive mind set we can achieve incredible results. Channel your inner strength through your body to allow you to break a wooden board and Unleish your potential.

Why take part?

The board breaking activity is a great way to boost your self belief by harnessing your own inner spirit and visualising your barriers being broken down.

What to expect?

As we undertake the board breaking activity, you will be given a wooden board on which you will be asked to write what barriers you want to break through. In pairs, you will then be supported to collect your thoughts, focus your breathing and with a single strike, you will burst through the wood and metaphorically ‘break’ the barriers holding you back.

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