"A picture and a thousand words can’t describe the energy of the moment"

Fiona Leishman

Mental health is not about being perfect. It's about being human.

Hi, I’m Fiona, I’m a qualified neuro-linguistic programmer (NLP), empowerment coach and well-being practitioner based in Lanarkshire, Scotland but run wellness events and sessions all over the country so I am always local to you.

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UnLeish Your Mind

Your well being Practitioner based in Lanarkshire.

unleish your mind is a wellness and empowerment provider in lanarkshire

Check out our testimonials from some of my wonderful wellbeing session participants


"I came across Fiona following an exceptionally traumatic period in my life, call it what you wish however their was absolutely a reason for our paths to cross. I was offered a one off coaching session with Fiona via zoom. I was very much sceptical initially and did not think I would gain anything from such a session, however how wrong was I……. From our very first session I felt relief having offloaded much of what I had been unknowingly carrying around, Fiona did not judge she listened and gave advice when necessary, finishing with a short meditation session (which again I was sceptical) oh my goodness it was AMAZING, she absolutely helped me ‘feel’ again. So good was our session I have had further with her and really do feel the growth in my own mindset. I cannot recommend Fiona @Unleish your mind highly enough (even for cynic like me!!)"


""Fiona, I met you Jan 22. I showed up to you in extreme survival mode, run down, depressed, totally unsatisfied with life and you have quite literally shown me what LIVING is all about. You have given me a new lease of life. You provide a safe space, room to talk, you helped me find a new prospective on old wounds. Using your knowledge and life experience I have started to find balance. Not only have you mentally helped me, you have opened my mind to a happier place. Spiritually showing me skills to maintain ME. I now know myself on a deeper level and I cant thank you enough for the support on this journey to pure bliss. Highly reccomend Fi, shes a safe person to be around."

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